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Pro Soul Alliance is a unique, complete solution
for the career of the 21st century artist.

We’re a team of professionals of many skills ready to help you develop and support every aspect of your career, from music composition, production, engineering, promotion, marketing, management, to distribution.
Pro Soul Alliance is like the ultimate record label but without any of the drawbacks of such a relationship. We consult with the top leaders and futurists in the new music business to assist you effectively release your music the way music lovers want to get it, build a strong, supportive  audience, earn income from many sources, and save money on expenses. Best of all, we only advise you and do what you want us to, giving you as much control over your career as you want.

Pro Soul is music business, done better

Learn more on our Why Us and FAQ pages.

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and you’ll be on your way to a successful music career!




Here’s a short video to help explain more about what is happening and what we do:

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