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Putting it simply, We help you connect with your existing and future fans in the most effective way possible, giving fans what they want, how they want it for a long-lasting and profitable relationship! This IS the essence of the new music industry.


First, some background info on the state of the music industry: [skip to Why Us? ]

The new music industry is drastically changing, moving away from major record corporations and back to independent artists, from physical product to digital media.

Previously, record labels would sign an artist and take a large percentage of profits to release, distribute and promote the artist’s music on CD. Now, labels cannot afford to sign new artists unless the artist is already established. And even if they do get signed, their future success is uncertain, making such a relationship risky to the artist. Record companies are losing profits and laying off staff in large numbers due to their unwillingness to change with the times and meet the demands of consumers, who have long been calling for digital distribution that is very easy to use, efficient, affordable, and unrestrictive. These companies have refused to follow the advice of experts who predicted the current direction of the industry. Now, they’re paying the price.

Today, artists can use the ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) method to release their music to audiences directly. They need to affordably develop their career by building a strong, long-lasting relationship with their audience, one that will create financial rewards far surpassing those possible with simple CD sales. This is done through unique viral marketing techniques, connecting offline connections with online, and innovative promotional awareness campaigns, to develop a core group of loyal, dedicated fans for the artist.

The reality is, not every artist is cut out or willing to be an avid promoter and nurturer of fans. The fact that very few creators wholly sustain themselves with true fans may be because it is a job that few want to or know how to do. They need a mediator, a manager, a handler, an agent, a label – someone to manage their fans. But they should not have to give up rights and control of their music, or a significant percentage of their earnings, to obtain the assistance they need.

So how do artists accomplish this? There are scores of individuals and companies claiming to have the secrets to help artists do it themselves in the changing industry, but their old fashioned techniques will only lead to frustration and disillusionment. Anyone who talks about ‘getting signed’, ‘press kits’, radio airplay’ and ‘selling a million CD’s’ is lost in the old, rapidly collapsing music industry. They may be steering you in the wrong direction, costing you significant time and money!

Pro Soul Alliance has been studying the change in what music lovers really want from artists, and how they want it, over the last few years. We’re ready to help you connect with them in the most effective way possible, to create a long-lasting and profitable relationship.

Pro Soul provides the ultimate solution, one that is unique in the industry. Our solution is effective, complete, affordable – and fair.  Here’s what we do:




As you read above, not every artist is cut out for the business end of the industry. You may just want to focus on your art instead of actively building your fan base (other than by creating your music). Or you may not know how to get going. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a career – Let Pro Soul take care of the things you don’t want to, or don’t know how to do!

We can handle everything from setting up your own industry and fan friendly professional website at and updating it regularly, created so you can easily update it too, to creating professional profiles for you on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other important social networking sites, to producing your album and distributing it worldwide. We can book and promote your tour, sell merch and promote you at your shows, produce your music videos, market you in innovative new ways. We also do so much more. Of course, it’s your career, so you’ll need to stay on top of what Pro Soul is doing for you and work with us for the best results.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a list of the services we’re offering now. Just let us know if you don’t see something below that you’d like us to do for you – we’ll consult on how to provide the solutions you need for your career to develop effectively.


We do what’s right for you – because we believe in sharing your art with the world, not because we have a financial incentive to do so (see PROTECT THE ARTIST and SAVE YOU MONEY below).

Working with Pro Soul, you can decide how you want your image, career and future to be, we won’t tell you to change your creative ideas and vision in order to become more profitable because that is no longer necessary to be successful!
You can tell us what you want us to do for you, or you can let us help you decide what’s most urgent and important. That’s the beauty of our subscription system. We’re surprisingly flexible. And everything is tracked in our sophisticated career management system, so you can see what we’re doing for you, and tell us what you need in an organized way.


You’ve read about other labels claiming to be taking a step in the right direction by offering less greedy revenue sharing terms. But why stop there?

In a world of 360 deals, where big labels are taking a big cut of everything now, Pro Soul doesn’t take any of its artists’ profits. Zero. EVER! So, when you sell that download from your website or the tickets to your show, license your song in a TV show or film, or anything else for that matter, you keep all the profits. Many in the industry have told us we’re crazy, but we’ve developed a financial model that ensures we’ll be here for you for a long time to come, without depriving you of your rightful earnings.

Oh, and we’ll never allow shareholders to influence the principles of the company to increase profits. The record industry made this mistake already, and we won’t repeat it. We believe music companies should be run by people who love music. Simple idea isn’t it? One that the record industry has lost.


Pro Soul’s complete solutions package delivers results for artists. But at the end of the day, your decision to sign with us comes down to the numbers. We understand that most artists don’t have money to burn. That’s why we’ve created a system where Pro Soul actually saves you money.

Take a look at a modest estimate at MINIMUM of what it might cost you in one year without Pro Soul:

CD manufacturing: $1000

Artwork Design: $500

Website Development: $800

Website Hosting: $120

Distribution: $300

Promotion & Marketing: $2200

TOTAL: $4900

With Pro Soul, you get the same services and many more, with expert assistance and consultation, from just $149/month (Less than $2000 per year). That’s almost $3000 less than it would cost you on your own!

In short: with Pro Soul, you pay less to get better results.


The world is changing rapidly. America is no longer the most effective market to promote your music. The same efforts in Asia can reach more than double the people. Play 10 shows in America to reach 5000 people, or one show at a festival in China to reach 20,000?

Since we have an office and studio in Beijing, China, we can provide services few other companies can provide such as:

  • Digital Distribution in Asia including mobile phone & music apps
  • Physical sale and distribution in China as well as Asia
  • Promotion and marketing on China’s largest social networks such as Youku.comWeiboDouban and We Chat
  • Live show booking including Asias largest festivals
  • Fan building and mailing list coordination in Chinese
  • Language translation and web development for China presence
  • Potential TV and radio exposure, magazine coverage

These are some of the things we can offer you, but most importantly, We help you connect with your existing and future fans in the most effective way possible, giving fans what they want, how they want it for a long-lasting and profitable relationship!

So, ready to get started? Click Here and you’ll be on your way to a successful music career!


Have more questions? Most of them can be answered here. If not, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk.



Since becoming involved professionally with Jarome Matthew and his Team at Pro Soul last year, my music career has taken a turn for the better. They designed a fabulous new website for me, which not only is pleasing to the eye, but is easy to navigate as well. With this new site, we use WordPress, which makes blogging a breeze, and keeps out unwanted messages, which saves me much valuable time. My first single was recorded and produced with Pro Soul recently, and they have given me the tools with which I can now promote my music, through newsletters, blog posts, my website, and many other ways. My music is already on the big sites – iTunes, Napster,, and I have received many e-mails giving positive feedback. I wouldn’t trust my music career to anyone else – Pro Soul is a dedicated team of professionals who are in it for the love of music. They want their clients to succeed, and they have always been there to answer questions or fix things in a timely manner. Working with people you trust makes a world of difference, and putting my music in their capable hands was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

– Heather Doré (


My career as an artist has changed dramatically since I started working with Pro Soul through Jarome. Their knowledge of music promotion, insights into the ever changing music industry and their dedication and talent in their work are some of the keys to success. In addition to his knowledge and skills, capacity to understand and genuinely care for clients is also ever present. I feel blessed to be working with Pro Soul and Jarome, who is such a caring, hard-working and skillful producer and music promoter in the industry today.

– Elika Mahony (



Marketing and Promotions

• Blog setup

• Blog writing and responses

• Professional bio writing

• Press copy writing

• Graphic design for promo materials (flyers, cards, Internet)

• Website design

• Website content development

• Photography and images

• Social networking configuration and integration (ReverbNation, Facebook, MySpace,, Twitter, etc)

• Offline marketing assistance

• Radio airplay, follow up, and tracking

• Podcast airplay support

Search Engine Optimization

• Keyword, title, description and meta tag development

• Expert search engine keyword placement and submission

• Incoming links

• Other high search engine ranking services


• Artist management

• Ad hoc and temporary management for specific projects

Product Development

• Concept development

• Referrals to musicians, composers, and other talent

• Mastering and finalizing of music tracks

• Package design, including CD content and file delivery

• Delivery format options and packages

• Digital distribution through major online retailers worldwide

• Local and national retail distribution

• Website online store setup for physical and digital products


• Career development

• Music business 2.0 consulting with Jarome Matthew and other expert partners, such as Andrew Dubber, Gerd Leonhard, and Tim Sweeney

• Referral to professionals associates in life coaching, artist management, accounting, legal assistance

Licensing and Song Placement

• Referral to professional associates in advertising, TV, film, multimedia, and video gaming

• Electronic licensing options online for digital music

Live Performance

• Scheduling of show dates for local and national tours

• Booking of venue and show crew

• Coordinating supplement acts

• Event promotions

• Travel arrangements

• On-site CD and merchandise sales

Music Production

• Music production with in-house music producer (or referral to others as necessary)

Video Production

• Professional video production, including videography, editing, effects, and stock footage

• Background visuals for live performance

• Viral marketing videos

Music Conferences

• Music conference and showcase booking

• Event planning consultation

• Representation at music conferences and international seminars

Funding Applications

• Preparation of funding application materials for SOCAN, MITAP, Canada Council, and Videofact, among others

• Application development consulting

• Application submission

• Monitoring opportunities for funding from applicable programs


Ready to get started? Click Here and you’ll be on your way to a successful music career!


We can only take on so many artists at this time, so take advantage of this opportunity before we have to close submissions!


Learn more on our Why Us page.
Have questions? Most of them can be answered here. If not, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk.

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