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By2 不哭了’No More Tears’ official remix by Pro Soul’s JAMA Z

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014
By2’s Miko & Yumi 
 Pro Soul’s DJ JAMA Z

We are proud to finally release this official EDM Dance remix for Ocean Butterflies company for By2 hit single 不哭了, “No More Tears”

Although originally completed in December 2013 by Pro Soul artist DJ JAMA Z, due to management changes in the OB company, we could only get permission to release now for free download.
The remix was produced, mixed and mastered in Pro Soul 敬真堂文化咨询有限公司 Beijing studios.
Listen Here:

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Download high quality version for free from or from
By2 with JAMA Z and Billy Koh
Hear the original version in their video here with almost 5 million views:
More exciting EDM remixes coming from Pro Soul Soon!

Pro Soul Studios in Global News Chinese Rock Feature

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Global News    kUYfW1wC_400x400

(click here if the video doesn’t load properly)

One of the largest news organizations in North America Global News recently did a video for Canada about Chinese rock music scene featuring Pro Soul Studios producer Jarome Matthew. The video was played on the nightly news on June 23rd, 2014 across Canada for millions of viewers.

The video features a teaser for an exciting original music project we’ve been working on as well as famous Chinese rock band Escape Plan that recently recorded in Pro Soul Studios. An important point of the feature is are Chinese rock bands ready for the western market? The fact is, very few are, but working with a foreign producer makes all the difference and will give an band or singer a much better chance to reach not only a wider audience in China, but Internationally.

北美最大的新闻组织目前正在为加拿大制作有关中国摇滚乐的报道,并采访到在中国的音乐制作人我们敬真堂(Pro Soul Studio)的Jarome Matthew ,数百万加拿大观众在2014年的6月23日的晚间新闻中看到了这段视频。

视频阐述了我们一直致力于的对原创音乐的热爱,以及逃跑乐团(Escape Plan)在敬真堂音乐工作室(Pro Soul Studio)的录制过程。其中一个重要的观点是,中国的摇滚乐团已经准备好进军西方市场了吗?事实是屈指可数的,但是与西方音乐制作人合作可以为他们提供更好的机会,不仅是在中国吸引更多的西方观众,更多的是国际上的关注。


The importance of a great music producer featuring Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones in studioFew artists not signed to major labels realize the importance of good music production. With the influx of technology that makes it easier to record at home comes a range of people making unprofessional recordings. While this technology is good for musicians as well as the writing and recording process, it cannot replace the knowledge and experience of a professional producer.

To understand the differences between a demo or self-produced track and a professionally completed one, take a listen to an unreleased, home demo version of the hit song “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.

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At first listen, the song sounds good. Nobody could say that Michael didn’t sing well, or that this was not a well-written song. But after listening to the finished version that came out on his album, there are some majot  differences:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The intro to the song is a bass and drum groove, simple and catchy. The finished version, however, immediately gives a sense of power and tightness not felt in the demo. This comes not only from the bass and drum sound selection, but the clarity and fine-tuning of each instrument. It is this combination that made the song a dance hit. Within the first few seconds, the listener will recognize the song, and chances are, they already want to dance.

The singing in “Billie Jean” is equally amazing. It is a subtle performance, with lots of dynamic change, laced with Michael Jackson’s now famous squeaks and Ooohhs. But listening to the demo version, its intricacies are lost, buried in the song, and the background vocal tracks don’t support the melody the way they should.

In the end, it is the simplicity of the song that makes it so good. Each instrument has a place and a purpose, leaving enough room to hear all the parts clearly. In this way, the finished version is less distracting than the demo. It is more focused on the groove and vocal performance, translating into a pure emotion for the listener.

These detailed ideas from Michael and producer Quincy Jones were deliberate and made with care. A lot went in to the recording process, and many stories came from the sessions.  One includes the bass player recording the track on every bass he owned before they decided which one to use. Also, the mix engineer supposedly mixed the song a whopping 91 times before they released the song.

Professional mixing, mastering, and production simply divide the responsibilities of making a great song between different parties to get a better result. Artists and songwriters should have their music professionally produced, not because they are unable to do it themselves, but because their focus should be on the writing and performance, not the recording process. This allows the producers to use their talent and knowledge to make that song into the best music possible.

Guest post by Kyle M. Bagley


What is audio Mastering and why is it so important?

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Many of our artists ask us why they need to master their songs, so we thought we should write about this important finishing touch in creating music.

Mastering is the final step in the music production and engineering process, the polish that makes the difference. It can determine if a song sounds great and professional, or poor-quality, making people want to press Skip or Delete, or consider you a low level artist.

So What Should Mastering Do?

  • Evens out song volume levels and EQ or tone individual tracks to balance all the songs
  • Raise the overall level in a way that is not destructive to the dynamics and prevents distortion
    (There is a great debate about this in the digital age, watch this video and this one for more)
  • Correct minor mix deficiencies with equalization (top mastering engineer Bob Katz shows you this here)
  • Enhance flow by changing the space between tracks, or mix tracks so they blend together
  • Eliminate noises between tracks or other issues such as hiss, hum, clicks, even distortion
  • Add additional data such as ISRC codes, CD-Text information
    (Artist, Title, and Track Names that can be displayed by some CD players)
  • Dither audio a process that ensures when a high quality mix is reduced to CD quality or MP3, the lost data does not cause strange issues. More details in this video
  • Create what is called a ‘Red Book Master’ that conforms to industry standard specs for duplication
  • Most importantly, Make your music sound great on any sound system

In the time we live in with modern technology, mastering is more important than ever!

Why Is Mastering Important?

1) Compression & Reformatting: These days, music really takes a beating. Files are compressed at different quality levels using various technologies, sometimes repeatedly, user after user. Files are imported, converted, compressed, exported, broadcast, shared, burnt, downloaded and then reformatted for the next user experience. There are dozens of public and specialized music formats used by various digital retailers, subscription services, internet radio and websites.

The point is, each of these processes change something. They often exaggerate things such as high frequencies (cymbals will sound more brittle) or eliminate some low end (bass and drum warmth) or just make the whole thing seem flat and lifeless.

2) Playback: OK, take all those variables above and multiply them by all the headphones, ear buds, car stereo systems, iPod docks, computer speakers, home stereos, TV speakers, and worst of all, mobile phone speakers (the number one way much of the world hears music now)
Will that song sound great on Dr Dre headphones and Apple earbuds?  On a mobile phone and in the car? How about in the club? A great master will ensure consistent and pleasing results when played ANYWHERE.

3) Professionalism & Impartiality: A fresh set of ears, using a different pair of great speakers and gear in a new environment, ensures professionalism and impartiality required to prepare songs for the modern world.  It’s less about opinion and artistry, and more about ensuring survivability and maximizing flexibility.

It is important to address the attempt in mastering to match an overall sonic quality as it compares to other artists within the genre as well as volumes. This has led to a destructive ‘Volume War’ the results of which can be seen in this video and this one.

A lot of people these days think mastering is about using some limiting software after watching a youtube video. Let’s make something very clear here. Mastering has little to do with using software to trick the listener into thinking your music is mastered! It is most importantly about the ears of the audio engineer who is doing the mastering. And in my opinion, if the audio engineer has been working in this field for less than 10 years, they probably don’t have the ears to be able to do the job right. Secondly, mastering is about some highly specialized and expensive tools used to do the job right, which may include analog equipment as well as digital software.

All to say, Mastering is more important than ever and every artist should make sure every music release is professionally mastered before unleashing it to the world.

– Pro Soul Studios audio engineer, Jarome Matthew