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Pro Soul officially launches in Beijing, China

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Chinese flag We’re excited to officially announce something we’ve been working on for over 2 years now, launching Pro Soul Alliance in China.
China is a huge, emerging market for the music industry, but currently in it’s infancy, and immature. Professional assistance is desperately needed due to crippling discouragement for artists attributed to the pervasive downloading of music. There is also a huge lack of ‘official’ presence for foreign artists who are becoming very popular in China. That means huge opportunity for those willing to support, develop and nurture this challenging market.

At the end of 2011, We announced a new world class recording and production studio in Beijing as our first step. Now we are offering promotion, marketing, sales and distribution both within China and outside to our existing artists and Chinese artists through our local office in Beijing. Unlike other companies offering music services in China, we are based within China, and our local office is staffed with bilingual locals who know the market and culture, and have experience working with Chinese and international artists here.
Our company has been legally registered as a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China under the name ‘敬真堂(北京)文化咨询有限公司’ Which translates to ‘Respect Truth (Beijing) Culture Consultancy Co. Ltd.’ (This was as close as we could get to our english name given the language and cultural differences. We kind of like how depending on the translation of our Chinese name, it can mean ‘Church of Truth’)

Because China is a complex and daunting market for a foreign company, we are starting out with the following basic range of services:

For Chinese artists:

  • Focusing on getting Chinese artists who are ready exposure internationally
  • Getting international distribution and sales for Chinese music (iTunes, Spotify, Nokia)
  • Promotion and marketing for Chinese artists overseas by connecting with interested markets and fans

For International Artists:

  • Digital distribution for international artists in China (including essential mobile stores China Mobile, Unicom, Telecom)
  • Promotion and marketing in China focusing on key social networking sites like Weibo, Douban, Youku
  • Collaboration with Chinese artists and recording traditional Chinese instruments with local professionals

As we continue researching the industry and experimenting with new techniques for promotion and marketing music in China, we will also be offering licensing for Chinese music internationally in Film, TV, and online, expanding their revenue sources. We will also assist Chinese artists who are ready create their own business and develop music career in China to maximize their profit and control. Of course we will also be able to assist international artists book shows and organize tours in China in future.

We have already begun assisting international artists Elika Mahony, and Hart as well as Chinese artist Abominati get exposure in China.

You can sign up right now for promotion, marketing and  distribution in China with the ‘Professional Artist Management and Consulting Asia’ option on our Get Started page.
For artists within China, we have a new website entirely in Chinese with a helpful blog focused on the local market.

For more information, please contact our China artist services manager BeiBei Lei

Watch for our next post with more about why China is an important market backed up by the latest statistics.

Congratulations to the Pro Soul Alliance Indie artist contest winners!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

We now have our two winners in the recent Pro Soul Alliance next great Indie artist contest!

There was some great talent that entered so it was a tough decision to make…

Congratulations goes to Antoine C. Smith indie composer/artist and aspiring producer, that “loves to write everyday” – This gifted, now 17-year-old first rate drummer and pianist composes and plays contemporary jazz and other genres. Antoine is actively pursuing his music career receiving rave reviews as a very popular young artist on the air in rotation of many wonderful hosts on Blog Talk Radio, Black Talk Radio (e.g. Black Teen Enpowerment Radio). Along with composing his music in the tradition of the original jazz masters, his future plans include to enter an excellent music college, and continue his studies in composition and performance. His winning track “Emotional Explosion” blew the team at Pro Soul away – there is no doubt this talented young man is an up and coming music sensation for his generation. Already compared to Jazz greats like Coltrane, Miles, Blake, and Byrd, Antoine Smith is just getting started!

The Return of the Magnificent HPhenomenon also known as Hassahn Phenomenon, shares Pro Soul’s belief that music speaks to the Soul. An accomplished MC that understands that MC means, “Move The Crowd”, HP says “Whether I move the people to dance, sing, cry, think, make a change, stand up, or just listen, I truly understand that my music is only a catalyst for me to aid in changing the world for the better.” Rapping positive messages in tracks like “That Aint Me”, and a smooth R&B roll like “Down and Up” raised the bar, and HP clinched the winning spot. Writing his music with integrity in the lyrical rhyme, True Magazine stated, “HP breathes new life and energy into a somewhat asthmatic industry.” We’re proud to be a part of Hassahn’s journey – “if you are searching for someone that is ready to make a significant mark on the world, then I am definitely the Soulful entertainer you want.” Yes you are Hassahn!

This was an amazing contest. We received some very talented submissions. Special thanks to the Runners Up: Doc 00 Johnson and Jeanette Berry. Watch for Angela Predhomme, Marc Doiron, Michael Trapp, Claire Cameon and Katrina Colantoinio. You are all no doubt going places with your music, let us know if we can assist you make that happen.

Best of luck to everyone and once again thanks for entering our contest – from all of us at Pro Soul!

New video about Pro Soul Alliance

Monday, February 9th, 2009

We’ve been working for some time now on a new video that explains what’s been happening in the music industry and what Pro Soul Alliance is doing for artists.

This video attempts to look at what is happening in the music business, how we got to this point, and where things are going. It looks at how all this affects artists, and what artists need to do to become successful, while still keeping control of their career, and all their profits. It looks at how Pro Soul Alliance is one solution in assisting artists in this process. You can view it on our home page:

Many large companies these days seem to be fine with releasing videos using south park style animation, and voice overs from the developer using a $5 headset mic… We tried to do something a little better than that, putting some time and effort into it. Hopefully we achieved that.
That being said, this is still an early beta version of the video, and we’re working to improve it over time, so we would love your feedback and criticisms. Let us know if it helps explain where things are going and what we do clearly.

Thanks to Gerd Leonard for some visuals, and Ken Joonyer for the voice over. Music composed by yours truly.

– Jarome

Warner pulls music from youtube

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

There seems to be no end to the resistance major record labels have to the changes in the way people want to listen to and consume music.

Today was a classic example, as Warner music refused to come to an agreement with YouTube in how they should be compensated for the streaming of their videos, pulling all their videos from the service. This is despite Universal Music already earning tens of millions from YouTube.

Do artists signed to Warner know how much money they are losing from being banned from the most popular source for music videos in the world? Do they know MTV doesn’t play music videos much anymore? Probably not, and they have no choice anyway as long as they are under contract with Warner.
Just another example of how traditional music industry doesn’t get the potential of new ways of earning income, and building an audience.

Our attitude is that it’s career suicide to turn down any potential way of earning income in the new music business just because you don’t feel it is enough. Especially if that income is likely to increase in the future, and will help bring in new fans, and encourage fans to promote you, something that is huge on YouTube.

What do you think?

Pro Soul reveals re-designed website

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Welcome to the new and improved!

Our cool new site features a blog on the latest and greatest Pro Soul and music industry news – and even some inside info for artists. Want an example of the hot topics we’ll be posting on our blog? How’s this:

Right now, before Pro Soul’s official launch in January 2009, we’re taking a limited number of submissions from artists to join the Pro Soul roster. Just check out our SUBMIT page.

We’re excited about the fact that the new site is built on a customized version of the system, which will allow us to add features and customize it in various, interesting ways. And it was designed by the same professionals that will be developing our artists websiites.

Since we’re just starting up, the site might look a bit sparse. It’s still in the beta stage till January, so let us know if you come across any issues or if there’s anything you’d like to see that isn’t already on our site. We’re always open to new ideas!

And be sure to check back regularly for new posts by the Pro Soul team. We would love to hear your comments on our blog; we encourage all visitors to participate in the discussion. Things are changing, and we’re all learning the new ways in which things are working.

Hope you love our new site as much as we do and find it to be a valuable resource!