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Introducing The Faumuis from Australia

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

We are happy to announce cooperation with talented Australian youth artists The Faumuis!

The Faumuis

Kashia (19), Salale (17) and Koebi (12) Faumui have been singing and performing together for over four years. Predominately raised and influenced by gospel and acapella music from a young age, the group have been exploring and broadening their interests in other music genres. All three have been classically trained in piano and have extended their interest of musical instruments to guitar, bass, ukulele, trumpet and drums.

The group developed their vocal ability to sing and harmonize through regular singing sessions around the guitar as toddlers, and under the musical influences of their Samoan father and Polish mother.

Having already performed at various conferences, corporate events and festivals with positive feedback, the group spent six months writing, recording and producing their first album “Seriously” which was released in January 2012. The group continued to write record and produce a number of albums of music and have a new album coming out this month, “Songs for Emma”highlighting the serious issue of child abuse in our institutions and wider community.

Pro Soul Alliance is representing and assisting in managing the band , focusing on promoting them in China.

To listen, visit their music page here.

For more information on the group contact or visit their website for links to their social profiles and numerous youtube performance videos.

The Faumuis 5 The Faumuis 3