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Spotify Launched in the UK

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Recently a new type of technology called Spotify has been taking off online. This is from Sweden and it does live streaming of music.

Many are tired of wasting time uploading their CD’s to their computer, but how do you think the creator of Spotify feels, finding all that music? A little more difficult task…

Spotify is free, legal and quick. So, what will this make of the CD? The ever slowly dying CD industry is being suffocated by creations such as these. But many feel having the actual CD is a thrill. Looking at the album work, and actually physically holding it in ones hand. Are MP3 USB drives are next? Will ideas like this stifle things like Spotify? Will the moblie phone with built in iPod be the ultimate victor as the method people access and listen to music?

We are at a stage where there are many questions, but one thing is for sure, we are swiftly moving towards the death of the CD, and that means artists need to fully embrace alternative ways for people to get music if they don’t want to suddenly left high and dry when CD’s become the least popular format for music.