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Improving vocal performance….

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Pro Soul and Jarome Matthew in the studio

Founder of Pro Soul Alliance, Jarome Matthew,  just posted this on his own blog, a must read for any performer and artist.

An important part of my role as a music producer is to get the best possible performance from artists in the studio both technically and emotionally.

I find I often fall short in this area though because unless they are professionals who have done large live performances for many years, most vocalists are often unable to deliver to their full potential. This doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t give great performances, it just means they could have done even better.

This is usually because the vocalist is not in optimal physical shape. Your health and physical fitness level has a huge impact on your vocal performances in the studio, and of course live. Sure, how comfortable you are with letting go and giving your all emotionally in the studio is also very important.  But to get a great performance, you really need to have a lot of power to deliver strong, clean vocal phrases. Without this power and energy, your performances will sound weak and shaky, quivering, particularly on the ends of longer words or sustained melodies and this drastically reduces the quality and impact of the performance.

Studio tools and tricks can rarely correct these problems effectively, so that’s why it’s so important for singers to keep in top physical shape if they want to give the best performance they’re capable of live and in the studio. Eat healthy food that gives you lots of energy, and adopt a regular cardio exercise routine at least 4 times a week.

Another recommendation, in addition to warming up properly before a performance and singing regularly in a choir, is opera training, or a great vocal coach such as Brennan Barrett, to help you get as much power as you can without exerting yourself more than you have to, and to assisting with effective breathing techniques that will give you better phrasing and power in the right places.

A producer can only do so much, and in my case, I can work a lot of miracles to make you sound great no matter what, but ultimately, I can only use the best you give me! Make sure that really is your best, as you never know who will hear your finished performance, or how far it will spread.

MIDEM 2009: Fresh ideas for the new music industry

Monday, January 19th, 2009

At Pro Soul, we’ve always got our feelers out for what’s happening in the music industry.

One of the best ways to do this is by keeping tabs on the happenings at MIDEM, “the world’s music market, where nearly 9,000 international music (labels, publishers, artist managers and many more), digital and mobile professionals gather to do business.)

The 2009 MIDEM conference began yesterday in Cannes, France, and features distinguished speakers sharing their thoughts on key issues affecting the music industry today.  MidemNet, the weekend-long precursor to MIDEM, focused on a topic important to Pro Soul and its artists: monetizing music in the digital age.  Over 1,400 Industry experts discussed new and exciting ideas to address the opportunities and challenges surrounding the development of the artist-fan relationship, particularly on the Internet.

We’ll be bringing you the latest news out of MIDEM, so stay tuned!

Introducing Pro Soul’s newest artist, Bahiyyih!

Friday, January 16th, 2009












Bahiyyih (Ba-hee-ya) is a Vancouver-based artist whose formal exploration of her voice was preceded by many years of constant singing.  She soon picked up the guitar and has been writing emotionally-charged folk/indie/pop ever since.

Under the expert guidance of Pro Soul owner and producer, Jarome Matthew, Bahiyyih is currently working on new material, which her loyal fans are eagerly anticipating.  Though her new website is under construction, you can hear Bahiyyih’s music on her MySpace page.

Applauding Apple’s latest move

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Apple Inc. recently announced that it will be removing digital rights management (DRM) technology from most of the music it sells on iTunes, an action that will surely prove detrimental for the music industry giants who have long been advocating the technology to prevent illegal file sharing.

The technology prevented iTunes-purchased music from being used on non-Apple devices, or shared with others and played computers other than the one it was purchased on.

Although all four major record labels finally approved the move – almost two years since Apple CEO Steve Jobs first proposed the idea – experts are hailing it as the end to control over how consumers purchase and enjoy their music.

According to Michael Geist, the University of Ottawa’s renowned professor of Internet law and e-commerce, “what it does show is that the long-time strategy of locks and lawsuits that the industry adopted several years ago has been terminated, out of failure.”

For more details, see the story in the Globe and Mail.

Interesting how major labels only cease to employ ineffective strategies long after they have proven to be pointless despite the recommendation of industry leaders and futurists! Would you want to invest your career and future with organizations like that?

In other Apple news, Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO for a few months due to serious health problems. We’re you’ve committed to taking care of yourself Steve, and hope for the best.

Pro Soul Welcomes Heather Doré!

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Pro Soul is pleased to announce the addition of Heather Doré to our roster of talented artists.

Heather is a lifelong performer, having explored acting, piano, and flute from a very early age.  After pursuing her interest in jazz and big band, culminating in the 2005 release of her album of jazz classics entitled “I’m Beginning To See The Light”, she rediscovered her passion for 80’s pop and disco music.

Reunited with her good friend, Pro Soul owner and producer, Jarome Matthew, Heather has been hard at work on new material, which she looks forward to releasing in the very near future.

You can listen to Heather’s music and read her blog at

Pro Soul Alliance Official Launch Party

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

2009’s going to be a big year for Pro Soul, so we thought we’d kick it off with a bang – and how better to do this than to have a party…

You’re invited to our official Pro Soul Launch Party!

Here are the details:

WHO: Artists, fans, music industry pros, media, friends of Pro Soul… Everyone’s welcome!

WHAT: Our official launch party!  In support of the MusicBC Charitable Foundation.

WHEN: Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 8 pm to 12pm

WHERE: Backstage Lounge, Vancouver – 1585 Johnston (Granville Island)

WHY: To celebrate the official launch of Pro Soul Alliance.

HOW: Just come to the Backstage Lounge; you can enjoy the company of awesome music lovers in the community, take in the entertainment provided by our fantastic Pro Soul artists, and support a worthy cause.  Cover is by donation to the MusicBC Charitable Foundation.  We’ll even have info about the charity on hand so you know where your money is going.

We know, you’re wondering why a “record label” is donating its cover to charity.  “What are they thinking?!” you ask.  Well, we care about artists and their rights, we care about musicians in the community, we care about sharing good music with others.  We’re not your ordinary record label.

You don’t need to RSVP, but we’d love to hear if you’re planning to come!  You can either comment here or become a fan of Pro Soul Music on Facebook, where you’ll see our event info and a list of others attending the event.

Don’t miss it!  This is history in the making.